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Arequipa, Peru

I am so angry I just typed the longest blog ever and the computer deleted it! Wow fuming. Arrghhh why didn`t I copy and paste? Anyways here we go again!

So what was I saying... Once again we are blessed with a table tennis table. For the first time ever I managed to beat Will two games in row. It`s pretty frustrating though because it was the first time we`d said we would play best out of 5 instead of 3 and he won the other 3 games!!

We haven`t only been playing table tennis though we`ve also been Downhill Mountain Biking which was ace fun. We drove up to 4800m which made us feel a little dizzy for a short while. The views were amazing, Misty Volcano is right next to where we were biking it looked ace. We were actually going down a volcano instead of a hill but I don`t think it was an active one. The boys were flying down me and another women were going a little slower and then when we had the slightest of uphills it felt like we had run a marathon which was because of the air apparently and not because we spent 2 months in America eating McDonald`s every day. The biking was so much fun though and it was so bumpy. The kind of bumpy where you can`t put your brakes on because you`re holding so tightly onto your handlebars trying not to fall off.

We`ve cooked some pasta, pesto and cheese for our tea tonight which seems to be all that travellers eat! haha! Cheap and cheerful! There were about 5 of us in the kitchen all cooking pasta! Pretty funny!

Tomorrow we have to get up at 2.30 am as a bus is picking us up at 3 am to take us to colca canyon for a 2 day trek. It`s meant to be pretty hardcore but we`re excited! So we have 3 more nights in Arequipa and then we`re going to head to Cusco. Aftern that we`re really not sure. Maybe Paracas for the beach, Iquitos for the jungle, Bolivia as it`s super cheap, maybe volunteer work, maybe Mancura for another beutiful beach so many options!!

Our Spanish is coming along really, really slowly which is awful for me as I studied it for 2 years! It`s pretty bad as most other people speak at least 2 languages most 3! I feel pretty bad for only speaking English but hopefully not after this trip!

There`s loads of English people in this hostel we all sat down and watched the Man U game today which proved to be very disappointing. Blooming Cristiano Ronaldo!!

Sometimes I reread my blogs a couple days after I have written them and I have to apologise for my spelling and the spell check on my tablet. Haha some things make no sense. It`s really good when there is a computer to type on. We have about 800 photos on my memory card which we need to upload one day but the connection is too bad here! It`s worrying incase I lose my camera or it gets stolen. We`d be gutted if I lost those photos!

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