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Terrible Turbulence, Scuba Fun and New Travel Buddies

My flight was in the evening from KK to Bali so I had a relaxed day, packed my bags and had some lunch at the market. I experienced the worst turbelence in my whole life. On my 20th flight of my travels as well! The clouds looked angry as we were taking off and boy were they angry! We shook amd shuddered the whole way there and even dropped a couple of times! It was awful! The lady next to me started screaming just to make matters worse. I tried to calm her down but in my head was praying to God that we weren't going to crash and thankfully we didn't. We had to keep our seatbelts onfor the whole 2.5hr journey and tne captain apologised at the end of the flight. I have never been so happy to step on solid ground!I spent the night at the airport as I was flying to Lombok early the next morning. Fortunately the airport si new and super nice. I chatted to a couple of Australian OAPs who told me not to go near the tap water, wear a lot of mozzie repellent and don't drink any alochol while here. They bought me a coffee and kept me company for an hour or 2. There flight was delayed as a volcano had erupted and the ash cloud was on top of north Australia. It's always nice to have people look out for you when your own parents are so far away. I watched some tennis, grabbed a sandwich for dinner and set up camp. Got a good few hours of sleep the mosquitoes were a bit annoying though! I woke up with 30+ bites!! Should have listened to Rita and Donald!


My flight came quickly. I was dreading it after the last nightmare. This time it was only a 20 minute flight and the plane was tiny. We all got seated and buckled before they announced that they couldn't close the door. Great. I was at the very back and could see them struggling with it. The got us off the plane and onto a bus whoh did a lap of the runway and then came back to put us on the same plane. Interesting.. A couple more struggles and finaly it closed. I had images of the door opening mid flight and me flying out of it.. Not super fun.. We made it all in one piece though. I've just been put off flying for life! One bus, a taxi and a boat ride later I was in my hostel on Gili Trawangan Island. This is an island where there are no cars, only bicycles and horse and carts. It's meant to be a super peaceful island but also quite party party. I headed to the beach for a sunbathe and had a super early nihht that night. I was so exhausted!
Sunset at sunset bar with wendy and marjin from HollandIMG_20140602_220812


Gili T is famous for its diving so I made sure I booked a trip. I did a deep dove which goes towards my Advanced open Water certificate. I went down to 30m. It was a bit scary amd nothing too exciting down there. We spent most of the dove at around 10m where the best fish and coral chill out at. I saw white tip sharks, an eel, a big mackeral and turtles! So amazing! The rest of the week I chilled out on the beach, went swimming, snorkelled, watched the sunset and hired bicycles to cycle around the island. There was a good bunch of people in the hostel so it was lots of fun. There were about 8 of us and we were all feom europe but different countries. One Swiss, one German, one French, one Norwegian, one Danish, one Czech Republic, me oh and a Kiwi guy. We are all solo travellers and justgot together. It's experiences like that that really make me enjoy traveling alone. How easy it is to meet other solo travellers. Maybe this is just an easy place to meet them though. One night we went to a beach party and another night there was a big party in a bar. We stayed out until the early morning muslim prayers at 5am and then realised we should probably go to bed. That day was a bot of a right off but it is so chilled out here it doesn't even matter. I was meant to stay here for 2 nights and ended up staying for 8! I still don't want to leave but my friend from Scotland is flying I to Bali so I'm going to meet her there. I'm actually really really excited as I haven't seen her in a year and a half an we have lots planned like climbing volcanos, surfing and riding elephants!
Another sunset with the Europeans! IMG_20140607_180327


Snorkelling IMG_20140607_182319


I can't belive it! 4 months and I've finally gotten up to date with my blog! Sorry I've been so lazy! I only have 6 weeks left now :( but then I'm home! Woo! It's gone too fast but I can't wait to see my friends and family. Anyways I'll try and keep this up to date for my last 6 weeks now. I only have Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos left and that's only if I can fit Laos in.IMG_20140608_210638


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