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Yosemite Adventures

Smashing the tallest waterfall in north America!

We have just had the most amazing weekend in Yosemite. We stayed in an unheated tent (it really was freezing but we had sleeping bags and 3 blankets so not too bad!) ina place called curry village which I really have to thank my cousin, Helen,for as it was her recommendation. 20130215_214937


On the day we arrived we went for a short walk to mirror lake which was really beautiful. We did manage to get lost on the way back making it quite long in the end!

However, our biggest triumph was the next day. We woke up fairly early had a quick shower and strong coffee to wake us up and asked a man which waterfall he recommended us to hike to. 20130216_163654


He told us the lower Yosemite falls were really nice so we had a look at the map and started to head over. We then noticed that there was an upper Yosemite falls and thought what the heck we might as well give it a bash. It's the tallest waterfall in the whole of north America. We both said that it's ok if we don't make it as long as we give it a go but really in our hearts we wanted to make it to the top. Don't get me wrong it's no el Capitan or half dome but we haven't exactly had the healthiest last 7 weeks so we were slightly doubtful. We started hiking at 9.15am and with sheer determination we made it to the top at roughly 1pm. Boy was it hard! 2700ft and just over 3 miles. The views were amazing and it was worth the hard work! upper yosemite falls

upper yosemite falls

hiking in yosemite

hiking in yosemite

We started our descent encouraging other hikers to the top (some stop about half way once they've seen the view of the falls) and made to the bottom at about 3pm. After a quick hot chocolate we set off again to walk to the bottom of el Capitan to see the sunset. It was only a 30 minute walk but we were pretty tired after our big hike. 10 minutes into it will suddenly stops and says there is a bear near by. I was like what are you joking?! Before he replied he had sprinted past me and was going back the way we had been walking leaving me to be eaten by the bear! When he'd finally stopped and let me catch up I was pretty angry at him for it and was storming back to the bus stop. He finally announced that he didn't know if it was a bear at all but he had seen something moving and got a fright. It was probably a squirrel for goodness sakes but I was to scared to turn back and keep going to el Capitan. In the end we missed the sunset but got back to our camp in time for a big buffet meal so it wasn't all bad. The food was the best we had had for weeks! Finally we got back to our tent and were taking our walking boots off for the first time all day. It was such a good day though.

Unfortunately we've now left Yosemite and are on our way to L.A..This time next week we're on our way to Peru! So crazy!

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Super San Fran

sunny 14 °C



Well we are loving San Francisco and have decided it is our new favourite city. It seems to have to perfect mix of city and countryside. Today we walked up the Twin Peaks and got the most amazing view of san Fran. Photos dont even do it justice! We've been to Alcatraz, a small rocky island where all the really, really bad criminals used to go. That was pretty amazing seeing the cells they used to live in. It did sound like an awful place to be and we heard interesting stories about attempted escapes.


alcatraz, san Fran

alcatraz, san Fran

Ooh what else have we done? Lots of shopping, god knows how we will fit it in our back packs! Off to Yosemite tomorrow for a weekend of hiking, camping and being near scary bears (hopefully they will be hibernating)

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Chinese New Year!!

sunny 15 °C

So wow last night we went to see the saddest movie of all time. It's called The Impossible and I really recommend seeing it if you want to cry a lot!!! I was howling and even Will got a little teary!
Afterwards we went down to see what the free beer was about about and noticed a deserted beer pong table had been set up. As Will and I were pretty bored we decided to have a game. It seemed pretty lame just the two of us to begin with (I won by the way) but within minutes we got quite a crowd and in the end heaps of people wanted to start playing in teams so it was really good! After Will and I dominated zee Germans (we beat them all) we decided to join a couple of guys in what we thought would be a small social drink in a pub around the corner. After walking for about 20 minutes we ended up in Chinatown where people were throwing fireworks on the ground in the middle of the street and everyone was going wild and fireworks were flying everywhere! It was so crazy and the bangs were so loud and I was loving it because I love fireworks. Will was pretty scared standing a good 500m away from any of the fireworks muttering about how dangerous it was and how someone could lose an eye haha (he just told me I wouldn't be laughing if I had lost an eye which is very true)! None of us knew it was for Chinese New Year until we started speaking to some people and I felt really bad for being so uncultured and not even knowing!

We love San Francisco it's so cool. Lots of Europeans here and travellers in general I guess. We went to Pier 39 and the Fishermans Wharf today which was all really cool. Had some fresh crab sandwiches and calamari, saw lots of sea lions and nearly spent millions of dollars in a sweet shop until we came to our senses. Off to Alcatraz tomorrow nice and early and have decided to extend our stay until Friday and then we are going to Yosemite National Park for 2 nights which we're so excited about! After that it's L.A for 2 nights, Canada for 3 nights for snowboarding and then South America. Whaaaa?! Time is going too quickly!

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Ed Sheeran and San Fran!


So we went to see Ed Sheeran with the rizzle kicks supporting him on Wednesday night and it was amazing! We managed to get a lift off one of the guys staying at our hostel. After waiting around in the queue outside the concert building with 3,000 16 year old screaming girls we finally got inside. Luckily enough there was a bar at the top which was 21+ and had a great view. Rizzle Kicks were amazing and we already want to go and see them live again! Half way through the concert we got chatting to a couple of locals who thankfully offered to give us a lift back to salt lake downtown, which was really lucky as we had absolutely no idea how we were getting home and the concert building was in the middle of no-where next to a frozen lake just off the highway. Ed Sheeran exceeded our expectations and even decided to do some of his concert without a microphone!

The next day we left to San Fran, saying goodbye to pal's we had met in salt lake. After a 16hr journey we arrived in sunny san fran and made our way to our hostel. The hostel is pretty big, it's in a great location and is pretty full at the moment. The best part is that it has free pancakes all day and even free beer in the evenings. Today we have been cycling all day from downtown San Francisco through golden gate park over golden gate bridge and back through Haight Street (the coolest, hippiest street ever) and back to our hostel. We got some amazing photos of some of the views near golden gate bridge, unfortunately we can't upload them as we took them with our camera's and not the tablet. Off to check the imax cinema out tonight then to make the most of the free beer!

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superbowl in salt lake

We've had a great week in salt lake and can't believe how fast time is going! We did go snowboarding again to a place called snowbird. Much steeper than the Brighton resort but a little busier. We're now VERY excited for whistler even though it's starting to look pretty expensive.

Anyways so it was super bowl Sunday which was great to watch in America. A few of us hit the pub at 11.30 am (slightly early) and decided to play a game of a shot of Jaeger for every touch down. That was 7 shots between pints of lager and cocktails. We weren't feeling too fresh the next day.. Anyways the 49ers lot which was a shame because that's the team us and the whole bar were rooting for. It was still a great atmosphere though!

Other than that not a lots been happening. My camera is fixed which I'm over the moon about and were going to see ed sheeran and the rizzle kicks tomorrow waaaah can't wait! Also making the most of our last couple weeks in US by eating lots of cheesecake from the cheese cake factory. Nom nom!

a couple good purchases made!

a couple good purchases made!

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