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January 2013

Back to the Mountains

Buzzing off life!

Wow so what a day we just had! We've been snowboarding in a place called Brighton and it was ace. Fresh powder to snowboard on and it was so quiet so we didn't have to queue for any chairlifts or anything it was ace. Will was way better than I remember flying past me most of team time. The runs were so good though we were in and out of trees loving life. The only problem being that a day of snowboarding smashes our daily budget but we loved it so much we are absolutely going to go again. How could we not when there is so much snooooow!

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The Famous Las Vegas

We arrived in Vegas ready to win millions of dollars unfortunately that didn't happen. My first go on a roulette machine in my hotel I lost $10 in the space of about 45 seconds and after that I went off the idea of gambling my money away. I did however give slot machines and blackjack a go just because I was in Vegas and felt like I had to but continued to lose money. Will also lost money but it was an ace experience! Saturday night was the best with really cool street entertainment and a couple of cocktails to enjoy it with. We thought we'd try an American delicacy and ate a deepfried Twinkie which felt like we were eating our way to a heart attack but tasted so good! We checked out of our hotel at 6.30am and the casino was still full. Vegas is literally on the go 24/7 it's like another world!

We took the greyhound up to salt lake city and it's amazingly snowy so we've put all our summer gear away and are ready to go snowboarding tomorrow for the first time in almost a year. We're very excited! Fingers crossed for no broken bones will still hasn't got winter insurance!

sun vs snow

sun vs snow

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veal intestine, hollywood sunset and a happy arsenal fan

Hollywood, fl sunset

Hollywood, fl sunset

We spent our penultimate night in a very fancy Argentinean restaurant by the sea. It was far more expensive then we thought it would be but we were there so we had to go all out. What with it being Argentinean I thought I had to go for the steak but couldn't quite afford the 'longest steak in the world' so I went for the next best thing - the mixed grill and it was VERY mixed with veal sweetbreads and intestines, flapmeat, sausage and steak. It was interesting to say the least.

After a much more enjoyable stay than we expected in Hollywood, fl, we are ready to make some big bucks in Vegas! Wish us luck!

one happy arsenal fan!

one happy arsenal fan!

- one happy arsenal fan!

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The Tipping Dilemma

So we've nearly had a month in America and still haven't got used to the tipping. It's really hard as everyone expects to get tipped. So like this evening will went to the bar and asked for 2 bottles of beer. The barman gave them to him and I said 'I've got the exact change here' the barman then said 'well don't forget about me' I mean all he did was get 2 beers out the fridge how can he expect us to tip him. So we just laughed awkwardly and walked away. Also the gratuity is already added onto the bill at the end of a meal most the time which we are getting used to but then we get another little bit of paper saying extra tip? Whaaat how much tips do they want?! AND the minimum gratuity expected is 10% which is 'poor service' why would you tip someone if they gave you a poor service!? It just doesn't make sense.

Anyways we're having a great time in Hollywood, Florida. We've been jet skiing which was awesome, went body boarding and also hired some three wheel bikes which were ace! Our noses are both burnt. Out for dinner tonight to hopefully get some fresh seafood.

We're hiring bikes tomorrow so we can cycle to the pub to probably watch arsenal lose.. AGAIN. Fingers crossed not though I'm actually starting to like them a bit.



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why oh why do mosquitoes exist?!

So after a fun few days in Miami of cocktails and sunbathing we headed down to Florida city for a tour in the everglades. We saw heaps of alligators swimming about and some huge birds.I also got to hold a snake.. pretty scary! We also took a day trip down to the most southern part of the US -key west. It was a good 4 hour journey but well worth it! So sunny and hot !the beaches were amazing with white sand and blue water.

The hostel were staying in is really cool with tree houses and a waterfall you can swim in. The only bad thing is the mosquitos. Who'd of thought you can get bitten 19 times on one leg?! So from now on I'm wearing trousers and covering myself with insect repellant. I honestly hate them and had forgotten how much they loved biting me!

Were off to fort Lauderdale tomorrow to chill out before we go to the west coast on the 24th. Will and I have been practising our poker faces and black jack for Vegas!

Also for some reason I've decided to sign up for tough mudder in Melbourne in September so I'm starting to think I should be watching what I'm eating and drinking but it's so hard when you can get unlimited refills fizzy drink for like $1.99 and a bottle of water is more expensive. Also there are so many new sweets here that I have never seen before so I have to try them! Plus fast food is pretty cheap. I managed to spend $25 on 4 pieces of fruit and a box of strawberries. That's 4 McDonald's meal deals!

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