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Jungle Trek, Northern Thailand

I decided to do a 3 day jungle trek as heaps of people had recommended it to me. Bella went off to do the Golden Triangle the morning I got picked up. We drove for about 2 hours stopping off at a Butterfly Sanctuary and a market to top up on water and toilet paper. We had some lunch and then started our trek. Our food always came wrapped in big banana leaves. Pretty ideal really as it saves on the washing up! The first walk was pretty strenuous. It was very hot and humid and we were climbing up hill for about an hour and a half. The sweat was unreal. Some people really struggled but we finally made it to the elephant camp where we were staying over night. We got a quick ride on the elephants and then played some cards. Our guide cooked us rice with curry for dinner. Very delicious! It wasn't long after dinner when our innocent card games turned to drinking games. Nothing too heavy though as we had a big day of trekking ahead of us. 3 girls decided they had had enough of climbing and wanted to swap to the 2 day trek instead f the 3 day trek and 2 Canadian guys swapped with them. So in our group we had 5 Brits, 1 French and 2 Canadian.



Day 2 was the most extreme. We had slept in a hut with everyone. It was really nice actually and when I needed a wee at 2am the stars were unreal. Bit scary in the dark though. We got up for brekkie which was a boiled egg and 3 slices of toast with jam. We got a car to a beautiful waterfall which we splashed about in for about half an hour. Then the climb began.

So the path is narrow and we're brushing past huge plants. It's amazingly green and beautiful but the heat is unreal. Within 10 minuets of walking we are all sticky and dripping with sweat. The climb is gradual to begin with but a little slippy and a girl slips when she rolls over her ankle and twists her knee. Our guide has no idea what to do so she has to power through and limp for a while.

I think it's a pain that you have to walk it off ao it's not too bad but obviously not ideal either. The path is getting narrower and steeper and we are in the thick of the jungle. Our guide has a stick and is makimg a path as he goes. We think he's gotten us lost as he hasn't done this trail in over 2 years. There are plants with spikes slashing our legs and the drop next to us is growing steeper and steeper. At one point when walking across a muddy hill, the English guy slips and starts slidding down so close towards the edge. We all thought he was a goner. Thankfully though he stopped just in time and climbed back up. We got to a muddy marshy bit which was at least ankle deep. We had to run to try and avoid sinking too deep. Everyone's trainers were ruined! Although a lot of the group were complaining at times, me included, it's actually a feeling I love. Heart pumping, not knowing where the hell you're going to end up or how long it's going to take, sweat dripping, legs in pieces but as a team encouraging and pushing eveyone to carry on. Limits were pushed and tears were shead. We ran out of water but eventually we made it.All the hard work paid off! What an incredible feeling, finally at our hut where the locals were offering massages. A nice cold shower where I struggled to scrub the layers of mud off. We spent some time picking out thorns and cleaning shoes and then got our dinner cooked for us! An amazing dinner way better than the night before. Veggies, chicken, rice and a tasty sauce, we all dug into seconds! We lit a bonfire and sat getting to know each other better, playing games (non alcoholic this time!) and looking athe stars which once again were something else! An early night before a less strenuous day of downhill climbing. Honestly that day 2 was one of my favourites and probably one of the worst for some others.

We set off early on day 3. All down hill which was pretty easy but my legs got wobbly after a while. We arrived at another waterfall and this one had a huge pool at the bottom to chill out in. Today wasn't as hot which was nice. It was nice and cloudy. We had a 1.5 hour walk, all flat, climbing along tree trunks and over man made bridges until we arrived at the rafting place. We all got suited up woth buoyancy aids and helmets and hopped onto our rafts. It hadn't rained in a while so it was kinda shallow and we kept getting stuck on rocks. Rafting in New Zealand was a lot more fun actually. And after that we went on bamboo rafts where we just flowed slowly down the river. So relaxing! A 2 hour drive back to Chiang Mai where I met Bella! Woohoo! A chilled evening watching an exciting Holland game and an early night. Man I was exhausted!

P.s got to apologise for lack of jungle photos. Accidentally switched my gopro on over night and it killed the battery :(

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