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Chilling In Chiang Mai

It is so nice to be back in Chiang Mai after busy Bangkok. The pace is a lot slower and more chilled out. Bellas Uncle used to live here so she's always been interested in it as well. I decided not to stay in the same place as last time as I'm pretty sure I got bed bugs from them. I have bites all over my legs in little lines of 3 or 4. They honestly look disgusting, even worse than mosquito bites! I hope they haven't jumped on my clothes. That would be a nightmare bringing them back home. An unwelcome souvenir. Our new hostel is really nice and spacious with a good outdoors bit for socialising. We've met a nice lad from USA who doesn't stop talking about the sunset on Phi Phi Island. I mean, it was nice but nothing crazy!



As Bella and I hadn't slept too great on the sleeper train we decided to have a nap and then head out and get some street food and a massage. We were pretty tired but decided to go and find somewhere to watch the final England game even though they couldn't get through to the next round of the World Cup anyways. We walked around for ages and ages until we saw some flashing colourul lights and heard music. It ho eatly seemed like this bar was in the middle of no where and was buzzing! We hadn't expected that at all. The football was on a tiny screen around the bar and we didn't want to seem anti social so bought ourselves a bucket of thailamd whiskey and coke. Turns out it's pretty grim. We sat at a table and immediately an English girl started talking to us. She was with a group tour from the UK like an organised group company. They were all super friendly amd before we knew what was happening we were having jaeger bombs and tequila with them. Honestly Bella and I had come out for a quiet night, looking awful, no make up, hair scraped back and basically wearing pajamas. I guesa the unexpected nighta are the best!



A few of the guys on the tour were from Scotland and I started speaking to them. 2 of them are just down the road from Alford and you will not guess what but I went to Uni at Heriott Watt with his brother! Unbelievable! The awkward thimg was I had deleted hos brother on Facebook 2 days before hand as I hadn't spoken to him in soo long! Crazy coincidence! Another guy was from Perth in Scotland. I know a guy from Perth who I did my winter season in Italy with. I thought what the heck let's see if he knows him and wham!! it's this guys flatmate!! I thought he was jokimg at first but he described him to a tee! Unbelievable! like can you actually believe that? In a random bar in a small town in Northern Thailand and I have to mutual friends. The world is small.

Right so the bar closed at 1am and everyone headed over to an underground nightclub called Spicys. We were all dancing away when suddenly the music stopped. It started again 15mins later and then stopped again shortly after. What was going on?? Finally a bartender told us the curfew was til 1am so the bar shouldn't have been allowed to be open and the police were outside. They turned the music off when the police came and as soon as they left they switched it back on! Haha! In the end they had to switch it off for good and send us all home. Probably for the best really!



So it was a late start today. We weren't feeling too great but had some quad biking to do in the afternoon. It was ace fun. Only Bella and I and the guide. At first the quad biking was on the road but then we went up country tracks. Winding around hills and getting higher and higher. We went through narrow roads and had to balance on tree trunks and dodge gaping holes in the floor. It was a bit scary actually! We got an amazing view of the valley at the top though. Really beautiful! Our bums were super numb after 3 hours of quad biking! A quiet night at a blues bar where we met up with the gamg from the night before. Another diehard snowboarder who I have promised to go snowboarding with at the beginning of next year. We will see if that actually happens!

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